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Kiosk 15 Pouces


Because it's not always easy to juggle tasks, allow your staff to put customer service back at the heart of their job. Digitalise your menus and order taking in bars and restaurants, and increase your performance with our touch menu.

Screen size

  • 15 Pouces

Support type

  • Pied en Acier
At the service of your service

We guarantee a quick installation and follow-up at any time.

All your digitalized card in record time.

Our team takes care of everything

The Tabesto Operation team is responsible for retrouting the content from your card to integrate it into your control terminal.a

Material provided and installed in less than 24 hours by our experts

Once your card is shaped, we ensure the delivery of your terminals in your restaurant.

Setting in a snap of a finger

In one afternoon, our deployment team is responsible for setting your card by adapting to your expectations.

I am a restaurateur

And I want to modernise my restaurant experience.