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Traditional restaurant

A solution adapted for your activity

Tabesto has the ability to adapt to any type of establishment with a customizable solution, including mobile menus for traditional restaurants.

A solution to the service of your performance

Replace customer service at the center of the activity of your restaurant

All catering brands that succeed in digitalizing, subsequently offer their customers a quality service. With the advent of digital, the possibilities have multiplied. Indeed, dematerialization is a boon. It allows managers to be more efficient, especially with mobile menus.

Indeed, the use of mobile menus offers that benefits, whether for consumers and for restaurateurs. They save time and offer more personalized services.

Avantage borne de commande restaurant

Demultiplie the number of tickets

Our control terminals are designed to increase the number of sales made every day in your institution. The greater the number of terminals, the more you increase the chance to quickly develop your activity.

Avantage borne de commande restaurant

Standalone order with integrated payment

All commands can be taken directly on the terminals autonomously. Regarding payments, thanks to the integrated TPE, your customers will be able to pay by blue cards or any types of restaurant tickets restaurants.

Avantage borne de commande restaurant

Decrease in the indoor waiting

By integrating control terminals to your institution, you will be able to fluidize streams through a faster control plug and as well as better production to serve your customers more quickly.

Avantage borne de commande restaurant

Increase in production

With better management of your staff and the increase in the number of tickets generated on our terminals, you can therefore increase your production capacity in the kitchen, and thus increase the turnover of your establishment.

Tabesto offers a control solution adapted to your establishment

Whatever your establishment, we accompany you in your digitalization and optimization projects of the customer course. Discover the many activities related to the use of Tabesto control terminals.



Tacos are products that can easily increase the average ticket of your customers thanks to your toppings.

Restaurant Poké


With Pokawa as our main customer, we were able to adapt our solution and our terminals perfectly to this type of activity.

Burger fastfood

Fast food

Tabesto also specialises in fast food. If you want to develop your business, our team is here to help you.



Even for a specific pizza business, the Tabesto solution can also increase your customers' average basket.

Borne de commande chaînes


Kiosks have become a matter of course for many restaurateurs, including those with chains.



Order taking knows no boundaries. We decided to accompany the Karaoke a while ago, and we are very happy about it. Find out more...

Borne de commande dark kitchen

Dark Kitchen

Take advantage of our expertise to install takeaway kiosks for your Dark Kitchen.



Because we have a team at Tabesto that loves sushi, it was an obvious choice for us to accompany this type of restaurant.