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Our concept

Tabesto is a startup that revolutionizes the world of restoration by democratizing the control terminals for fast restoration and replacing the papers with menus connected to tablets in the traditional restoration.

Tabesto provides a turnkey solution that adapts perfectly for the operation of each restaurant. Thanks to the terminals and tactile menus Tabesto, the service is of better quality, simplified and accelerated. The implementation of this service also increases the average ticket and the rotation of the tables, thus supporting the development of the restaurant.

Tabesto aims to become the reference of ordering in Europe!

Our engagements

For restaurateurs, Tabesto is the most powerful sales tool ever designed, thanks to an intelligent push system that always makes the client’s good suggestion, in the right place at the right time. Partner institutions record a 10-30% increase in their turnover.

For customers, Tabesto offers the best restaurant experience. Our terminals and tactile menus facilitate the passage and payment of the order, and allow servers to be always available for you.

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We love our customers, and they make us well

Tabesto is a dynamic company with innovations that have already proven itself with many institutions like Pokawa, Sushi, Barak or Tacos Avenue and many more.

The satisfaction of our customers is a priority for our teams. Today, we accompany the independents as well as the chains well beyond the solution we propose. We set up a real follow-up from setting your card to the analysis of your sales made on the control terminals.