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Customer satisfaction

Our customers are satisfied to see their customers satisfied by our solution.

Whatever your establishment, we accompany you in your digitalization and optimization projects of the customer course. Discover some customer cases below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



Poke Bowls 39 establishments throughout France

All right from Hawaii, Poke Bowls from Pokawa have conquered the market! As well in Paris as in the province, we have set up control terminals in Pokawa restaurants to reduce waiting times during rush periods and improve the average ticket.

BAM_logo_vectorisé (1)

BAM Karaoké

Private karaoke halls 7 institutions in Paris, Bordeaux and Madrid

Rediscover the karaoke in one of the establishments of BAM: private rooms, cocktails and neat decoration, everything is together to have a good time. We accompany them on the control of drinks and small restoration directly in the rooms.

Chaîne burger de papa

Les Burgers de Papa

Gourmet Burgers 35 institutions in France

Discover Burgers as you have never eaten again! At dad’s burgers, everything is fresh! The ground meat each morning, the homemade fries, cut and cooked on the spot in two times, the bread delivered by a baker, and of course the vegetables cut at dawn!
logo png Nachos


14 institutions in Paris

Discover Nachos, the sign that offers new flavors, fruits and vegetables associated with subtly spicy meats … Varied and balanced dishes far from burgers-fries and other pizzas.

Côté Sushi

Food Fusion Japan-Peru
26 institutions throughout France

Côté Sushi dishes gather with subtletility Japanese and Peruvian cuisines. And for the most in a hurry, enjoy the possibility of placing your order directly on our mini-terminals.

Chaîne Pizza hut borne de commande

Pizza Hut

136 establishments in France

Pizza Hut is a fast franchise catering chain whose head office is located in the Dallas region of Texas. It specializes in pizzas, but its menus also include salads, desserts and cookware based on pasta.


Traditional restaurant

Live an unprecedented restaurant experience, close to Paris. The whole team welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, with refined cuisine and which is evolving according to the desires of the chef.

Logo Barak


Mediterranean cuisine

In sandwich or bowl, Barak offers sunny recipes with fresh products. Dial your recipe yourself on one of our mini-terminals and ask your questions live to the team!


Lebanese restaurants
2 institutions in Paris

Enjoy on the spot or take away Lebanese cuisine from Libshop. Bowls, pitas, mezzed or traditional drinks, all dishes are presented on Tabesto tablets and the customer is not accompanied by step in the composition of the formulas.

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