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Our independent restaurants

We also supply independent restaurants with our self-ordering kiosks

Whatever your establishment, we can help you with digitalisation and improve your customer experience. Check out some of our clients below and feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information

Discover some of our independent restaurants

Burger & Fries

3 locations in Paris

Burger & Fries takes burgers seriously, and has been making them since 2014. All ingredients are 100% fresh and prepared in their factory.

Simple recipes that stand out thanks to their top-quality fresh produce. That’s what Burger & Fries stands for!


Kosher sandwiches
2 locations in Paris

Alfi serves simple and unpretentious cuisine. Its menu features an authentic combination of contemporary flavours and reworked recipes. A blend of Paris, New York and Tel Aviv in a dish, where you can enjoy the best cured meat and meat alongside freshly-baked bread.


Lebanese restaurants
4 locations in Paris

You can enjoy Libshop Lebanese’s cuisine on the spot or to take away. Bowls, pitas, mezzes or traditional drinks, all the dishes are featured on the Tabesto self-ordering kiosks, which also guide custemers as they place their orders.


Mediterranean cooking
1 location in Paris

Whether in a sandwich or in a bowl, Barak serves tasty dishes prepared with fresh produce. You can compose your own dish using one of our mini-kiosks and our team’s on hand to answer any questions !

La Pépite

Gourmet nuggets
1 location in Paris

La Pépite serves a variety of French chicken nugget dishes and takes pride in its responsible and transparent approach! All the homemade nuggets are GMO-free and prepared with free-range French chicken.

Logo père & fish

Père & Fish

Fish burgers
3 locations France

Père & Fish is a fast food concept specialising in gourmet fish burgers. All the fish is fresh and the dishes are 100% homemade.

With Père & Fish, burgers haven’t had their final word.

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