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Our restaurant chains

Tabesto supplies self-ordering kiosks to independent restaurants and chains

Whatever your establishment, from independent restaurants to chains, let us take care of your digitalisaion by installing our self-ordering kiosks.

Discover some of our restaurant chains

Chaîne burger de papa

Les Burgers de Papa

Gourmet burgers
31 locations in France

Dig into burgers like you’ve never eaten before! At Les burgers de Papa, everything is fresh! Each morning, we mince the meat, we slice our potatoes and double-fry the fries, a baker delivers our bread, and last but not least, we pick our vegetables at dawn !


Poke bowls
70 locations in France

Straight from Hawaii, Pokawa’s poke bowls have conquered the market! We have set up self-ordering kiosks in Pokawa restaurants in Paris and across France to reduce waiting times during peak hours and increase the average ticket.

Waffle Factory

65 locations in France and Belgium

Waffle Factory is a Belgian fast-food chain that’s also present in France, and waffles are its flagship product. Authentic recipes, culinary know-how, precision, simplicity, love of food, good quality and delicious flavours are at the core of this business.

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Gourmet kebab
11 locations in France

Meticulously prepared skewered kebabs for an impeccable quality prepared in hygienic premises; generous portions of fresh vegetables are prepared daily in the restaurant; fresh bakery bread; homemade sauces: It’s time to restore the prestige of the Kebab, with dishes that are much healthier and more tasty than ever before!

Chaîne Pizza hut borne de commande

Pizza Hut

139 locations in France

Pizza Hut is a fast food franchise chain headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It specialises in pizza, but its menus also include salads, desserts and pasta dishes.


Asian restaurant
14 locations in France

In 2006, the first WOKO restaurant opened its doors in Trans-en-Provence, in the suburbs of Draguignan. WOKO is an Asian fast food concept that serves tasty, fresh and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

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