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Our tech integrations

Tabesto has established solid partnerships with the biggest foodtech players. Don’t worry about integrating your cash register software or your loyalty program system – we take care of everything.

Tabesto’s self-ordering kiosks will seamlessly integrate with your current tech.

You can rely on our various check-out and loyalty program partners

nos intégrations - Sumup

This software suite will process all your merchant needs: bookings, Click & Collect, home deliveries, digital payments.

nos intégrations - Lightspeed

Sophisticated and intuitive, as powerful as it is simple, Lightspeed is more than a cash register: it’s the very heart of your business.

nos intégrations - Zelty

Hassle-free management of your restaurants thanks to the most complete POS solution, designed for multisite businesses, franchises, chains.

nos intégrations - Rushour

RusHour allows restaurants and dark kitchens to centralise all their delivery and takeaway orders on a single tablet.

nos intégrations - Cashpad

This advanced checkout solution unifies the digital customer journey with your restaurant’s operational processes.

nos intégrations - Apitic

For 10 years, Apitic has specialised in cash register and omnichannel management systems and provides top-performance equipment. E-commerce, loyalty, …

nos intégrations - Pongo

Simple and fun, Pongo is the first intelligent loyalty program that merchants can use to increase customer visits.

nos intégrations - Deliverect

Management of multi-channel restaurants made easy. Say goodbye to ordering errors, delays and unnecessary admin.

Addition provides several functions, from order-taking to stock management and sending orders to the kitchen.

Would you like to become a partner and integrate your tool into our self-ordering kiosks?

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