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Boost your business with self-ordering kiosks

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Benefit from a faster and more personalised order-taking process with our fast food & restaurant self-ordering kiosks. Invest in the best value-for-money self-ordering kiosks on the market to maximise tickets during peak periods and increase your additional sales by 50%.

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Payments are made via the restaurant's self-ordering kiosk

Customers can pay for their order via the secure restaurant’s self-ordering kiosk.

All payments methods are accepted.

No extra fees

100% integrated secure payment system

Improve staff management with a restaurant self-ordering kiosk

A self-ordering kiosk means you can:

  • Reduce the need for staff to take orders and process payments.
  • Assign more staff to the service and preparation of orders. Increase your productivity and, therefore, your turnover too.
Borne de commande fast-food

Self-ordering kiosks designed for restaurants

Decrease waiting times in the dining room

By installing self-ordering kiosks in your establishment, you'll be able to streamline your service flow, with faster order taking and increased production capacity, allowing you to serve customers more quickly.

Autonomous ordering plus an integrated payment system

Customers can place their order using the self-ordering kiosk. Payment-wise, the integrated EPT means your customers can pay by debit/credit card or use their restaurant voucher.

Increased production capacity

With better staff management and an increase in the number of tickets generated on our kiosks, you will be able to up the kitchen's production capacity and therefore improve your establishment's turnover.

Generate additional sales

Personalised suggestions based on the customer journey to increase your average ticket amount.

Automatic suggestion of additional products

Add toppings in 2 clicks

Convert products into menus

Highlight personalised suggestions

The self-ordering kiosk’s software allows you to:

  • Highlight personalised suggestions linked to the customer’s choices.
  • Add toppings or optional extras to a dish, or convert them into a menu.

Our clients can confirm that our system has proved to be highly efficient. They have registered an increase of between 15 and 30% in their customers’ carts.

Promotional display

When the restaurant’s self-ordering kiosk is not in use, you can benefit from its display functions:

  • Promote products or a service that you offer.
  • It’s a visual marketing asset that will encourage your customers to place an order on the kiosk.
Borne commande fast-food
Borne commande restaurant

Reduced waiting times with a fast-food self-ordering kiosk

Provide a smoother service during peak periods and serve more customers thanks to our fast food self-ordering kiosks!

Smoother service during peak hours

Faster order processing

Increase the number of tickets


Speed up processes with the self-ordering kiosk

Our restaurant and fast food self-ordering kiosks are designed so that:

  • Your customers can place their orders faster and pay directly on the kiosk thanks to its integrated EPT (all payment methods are accepted).
  • They can also pay at the till, which will split customer flow during peak periods.

This will reduce waiting times and therefore improve the customer experience.

A menu that’s easier to understand

Our team will develop and optimise your menu.

Everything will be programmed so that your customers fully understand your menu. It will feature well-organised personalised suggestions that they can select when using your kiosk.

The menu can be made available in several languages, so you can say goodbye to language barrier problems!

Borne commande restaurant

We only work with the best

Using self-ordering kiosks will be a real asset in terms of your restaurant’s profitablity and the customer experience. Tabesto has established solid partnerships with the biggest food-tech players. Don’t worry about integrating your cash register software or your loyalty program system – we take care of everything.

nos intégrations - Zelty

Hassle-free management of your restaurants thanks to the most complete POS solution, designed for multisite businesses, franchises, chains.

Partenaire lightspeed

Sophisticated and intuitive, as powerful as it is simple, Lightspeed is more than a cash register: it's the very heart of your business.

nos intégrations - Pongo

Simple and fun, Pongo is the first intelligent loyalty program that merchants can use to increase customer visits.

nos intégrations - Sumup

This software suite will process all your merchant needs: bookings, Click & Collect, home deliveries, digital payments.

How does it work?

We make a point of accompanying our customers from start to finish. We stay in regular contact in order to monitor the performance of our restaurant self-ordering kiosks.

Our team will contact you to analyse and understand your needs. They will also collate all menu information (photos, etc.) in order to integrate it into your restaurant self-ordering kiosk.

We have partnered up with professional photographers who can photograph your dishes and drinks.

After analysing your needs and defining your objectives, our team will set up your menu on your restaurant self-ordering kiosk.

You can also request the integration of multilingual and multi-card options for a better customer experience.

Our operations team can install the equipment in your restaurant. They can also send you the hardware and provide a remote installation.

It takes about 1 hour for everything to be operational, including the integration phase and various system tests.

Once your self-ordering kiosks are installed, our team can train you in back office management. You will be able to manage your cards, menus and photos yourself.

Client satisfaction is our priority. We provide assistance 7 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm, based in our Paris offices.

By joining our numerous clients, you’ll benefit not only from the Tabesto software, but also get updates. Every week, our developers work to perfect our solutions. You will be able to benefit from all these.

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