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They talk about us

This section lists the different media echoes published on the Internet or in the press regarding Tabesto.
Behring tabesto

Top 5 innovative and practical solutions for restaurateurs

On the occasion of SIRHA Lyon, Behring interviewed Leo Corcelli, founder of La Réserve. He talks about 5 innovative brands that make life easier for the restaurateur, including Tabesto.

Tabesto, the new solution for restaurateurs

Tabesto is a Startup of the Food Tech, which revolutionizes the world of restoration by replacing the menus papers from restaurants by tactile tablets to facilitate the control and addition.

7 Dynamic Startups of Foodtech

Foodtech has the wind in France! Several startups like Tabesto have taken advantage and become real actors of the digital revolution by creating products and services that facilitate the lives of suppliers and customers in this sector.

New technologies, Tabesto at the service of catering

Report on Tabesto at the 20H JT - "We now offer a technology that already allows a hundred restaurateurs to enjoy all the advantages of the control terminal in a miniaturized format". Guillaume Hourmant, CEO of Tabesto

Innovation | Tabesto, connected control terminals

Tablets connected to facilitate take-out and table ordering: it is the innovation proposed by the French start-up to Tabesto.