The first all-in-one
& fast-food ordering terminal

Increase your sales
by 15% to 30%

With the Tabesto order terminal, you can streamline your order-taking process, optimize your operational management, and increase your flows and revenues. 

Easily integrate our solutions into your existing systems

The Tabesto kiosk integrates directly with your existing systems: POS systems, loyalty systems, aggregators, etc.

Customize each of your installations

Thanks to our comprehensive catalog of attachments and supports, the Tabesto kiosk terminal be perfectly adapted to any restaurant.

Benefit from the best prices on the market

With Tabesto, you benefit from the most efficient and least expensive control terminal on the market.

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Our kiosks


The new-generation Kiosk: one screen, one plug, and that's it
Integrated payment 
No printer
Ergonomic and lightweight
Available in 22".


The order terminal to modernize your restaurant and boost your business 
Immersive experience
External printer
TPE external
Available in 22".
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The compact, all-purpose control terminal  
Compact, for small spaces
External printer
TPE external
Available in 15".
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The ordering kiosk for your restaurant

Revolutionize your customers' ordering experience with a simple, intuitive solution

Ease of use for customers
Queue reduction
Improved order management

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Simplify ordering

In the foodservice industry, speed and precision are essential to customer satisfaction. Our new-generation order terminal simplifies the ordering and payment process, and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Queue reduction

Thanks to an intuitive interface, your customers place their orders and pay in just a few steps. During peak periods, our order kiosks ensure a seamless customer experience, reducing customer waiting time. 

Optimized order management

The Tabesto order terminal also improves order accuracy. Order errors are reduced, allowing your teams to concentrate on operational management. 

Optimized order taking

Switch to the order terminal easily and at the best price in Europe! Tabesto brings you technology previously reserved for large chains

Order customization
Automaticly send order to kitchen
Increased order taking capacity

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One-click custom orders

Enjoy all the benefits of Tabesto order terminals. Enhance your card and your entire offer with an easy-to-use experience: formula conversions, automatic suggestions and pay-per-use options!

Real-time monitoring for efficient management 

Your teams receive orders in real time, saving time in the operational management of the point of sale. Boost your staff's productivity and well-being, and improve customer satisfaction.

Integrated with your existing systems

Increase your operational efficiency and save time: Tabesto integrates directly with your existing systems (cash register systems, loyalty systems, aggregators, etc.).

Integration with your existing systems
Order data analysis
Improved profitability

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Gather data to improve your offering

With the Tabesto order terminal, get order data directly from your loyalty program, so you know what works best and can adapt your offer more easily. That means more sales and less waste!

‍satisfaction ofyour customers

Thanks to the Tabesto order terminal, ordering and paying become much more fluid, which increases your customers' satisfaction.

In just a few steps, and thanks to reliable, secure payment, customers can be sure that they won't have to wait, and that they'll be served quickly.

This gives you peace of mind during rush periods, and keeps your customers coming back for more!

Our kiosks adapt perfectly to your restaurant

Integrate our
solution into all your tools

Tabesto order terminals integrate automatically with your existing systems: cash register systems, loyalty systems, order aggregators and so on. No need to change!

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How does it work?

Discover our 7-step process for a simple Tabesto ordering kiosk experience.

1. Meet our sales team

Our team will contact you to present the Tabesto solution. This presentation can be virtual, on our premises or in your establishment: your schedule comes first! The aim is to understand your needs, so that together we can draw up a quote that's just right for you. Once the quote has been validated, our operations team takes over.

2. Coordination with our operations team

Our experts then step in to deploy the solution in your establishment: from configuring your card and your experience, to installing the hardware, we take care of everything!

3. Personalize your card

Once we've identified your needs and objectives, we'll customize your menu and kiosk interface, including videos on the screen saver, multilingual activation, a customizable flat menu, and more. Take advantage of dozens of features to customize your experience!

At the same time, integrate our system with your cash register, loyalty system, aggregator, etc. so that orders are sent directly to the kitchen and cash register.

4. Equipment installation

You can choose between on-site installation by one of our technicians, or stand-alone installation with our remote assistance. With just a few turns of the screw, the terminals are up and running!

5. Complete training

Your account manager introduces you to the kiosks and how to manage your menu, photos and products. You take control of your kiosk, allowing you to manage it independently.

6. Customer service at your service

Need help? Our Customer Care team is available 7 days a week, from 9:30 am to 11 pm. We're here to answer all your questions and support you whenever you need us.

7. Access to Tabesto news

Benefit from the advantages of Tabesto software and frequent updates of our solution. Our developers work every day to improve our solution, and bring you new features to better meet your needs!

Your questions

Equipping your restaurant

Restaurateurs who choose to digitalize their points of sale with Tabesto kiosks have a real competitive advantage: they can improve productivity, optimize flow management and boost sales.

When is it necessary to install a restaurant order terminal?

Increasing staffing levels during rush hours is one of the worst mistakes a restaurateur can make. He hopes to reduce waiting times and increase sales. Yet he continues to have dissatisfied customers. This is often due to the poor organization of his employees, who continue to create or increase customer waiting times.

Customers are satisfied with their experience when staff are helpful and responsive, and especially when their meal arrives more quickly than expected. If the sales process takes too long between consulting the menu, ordering, paying for the order, preparing the order and receiving it, a restaurant's customers will be less inclined to return.

And yet, it's easy to combine efficiency and speed when it comes to taking orders, if you're equipped witha restaurant order terminal. Restaurateurs who have digitized their point of sale have seen their profitability and productivity increase considerably, without having to recruit additional staff.

Equipping your restaurant with one or more touch-screen kiosks means you can handle a greater volume of orders simultaneously, without having to wait in long queues. Customers have access to an interactive map, giving them a detailed overview of your entire menu, the dishes that make it up, their prices and other more specific information.

The order terminal features an integrated payment system for fast, easy checkout. In just three clicks, the customer pays and the order is sent directly to the cashier and the kitchen. One of the features of this system is that it automates the entire order processing process, saving considerable time. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and to the restaurant's cash register software.

Basically, it's fast, easy to use, and enhances the customer experience.

How do I use a restaurant order terminal?

Also known as a stand-alone kiosk, the order terminal is one of today's most ergonomic and user-friendly tools. For restaurateurs and customers alike, it has been designed with a single goal in mind: to be intuitive and responsive.

Just like a Mcdo kiosk, order-taking is carried out using the software installed inside. This can be more or less powerful, depending on the restaurant kiosk supplier.

At Tabesto, for example, the order-taking software is one of the most powerful on the market. Restaurants that use it see a 15 to 30% increase in their average bill.

The manager can place a touch terminal in a strategic location in his restaurant, enabling orders to be taken on one side and collected on the other. This avoids cluttering up the point of sale. Thanks to the Back-Office, the manager can monitor sales in real time, and adjust the availability of dishes with a single click.

For customers, it's just as simple. When they arrive at the restaurant, they are free to consult a simply presented menu. Each dish is presented in photo form, with a description of the various ingredients and/or allergens it contains. Customers make their choices and can receive intelligent suggestions based on the dishes they select. They can then choose whether to pay directly at the kiosk by credit card, or at the counter.

The restaurant touch terminal sends the customer's order directly to the kitchen, where it is prepared. All the customer has to do is wait a few moments to pick up his or her dish.

The order terminal in restaurants and fast-food outlets offers quality service by reducing customer waiting times. It also helps restaurateurs to make a better profit.

How to optimize the use of a restaurant order terminal?

The restaurant touch terminal can improve customer satisfaction and boost restaurant revenues, but only under certain conditions.

First of all, there are customers who refuse to use this type of equipment to take their orders. They prefer human contact when they visit a restaurant. To satisfy them, managers can opt for several solutions:

  • First, place a multi-skilled employee in charge of running the restaurant, as well as assisting customers. He or she can assist or take orders, while explaining the ordering process.
  • This enables us to maintain a human touch, while educating and demonstrating to the customer choosing his menu that the order terminal is a tool that will give him greater satisfaction.
  • Restaurant owners can also make their order terminals available at certain times of the day, for example, during peak periods.
  • Finally, for better order-taking in your restaurant, the location of fast-food ordering kiosks plays an important role in optimizing their use. Whatever their size, touch terminals should be placed in a strategic location in the restaurant. For example, directly near the entrance, or somewhere visible and easily accessible.

Which cash register software should you choose for your kiosk?

On the one hand, the kiosk improves the customer experience by making service smoother, faster and more efficient. On the other hand, the touch terminal enables the restaurateur to reduce or even eliminate queuing in the dining room.

Automating the ordering process also saves valuable time: orders are transmitted to the kitchen with a snap of the fingers, and the order is directly listed and recorded in the manager's cash register software.

No more retyping orders at the end of the day. The restaurant touch terminal frees staff from repetitive tasks. They can concentrate more on preparing orders and greeting customers, thus boosting the restaurant's productivity.

However, to take advantage of this benefit, the kiosk must be able to integrate with the cash register software. At Tabesto, we offer a wide range of POS integrations, including Zelty, Lightspeed, Sumup and Addition, to name but a few.

How much does a restaurant order terminal cost?

On the market, prices for a restaurant ordering terminal vary between 2,500 and 12,000 euros, depending on the model and configuration. A few years ago, the price of a restaurant touch terminal could represent a heavy investment for a restaurateur. Only large groups like McDonald's or Burger King could afford them. Today, they are much more affordable.

The price of a restaurant order terminal depends on two inseparable technical elements: hardware and software.

  • The hardware determines the physical part of the equipment, such as the size and design of the kiosk, the size of the screen, the support or mounting used, etc.
  • Software refers to everything that concerns the functionality of the terminal. It can be the order-taking software, the display technology, the extension modules, and so on. In addition, the price of a kiosk can vary according to the services it offers. For example, there may be installation services, after-sales service, transport costs, customer services, etc.

At Tabesto, we offer the lowest prices on the market, while guaranteeing the level of performance you'd expect from a foodservice ordering terminal. The strength of our expertise lies in the fact that we are able to provide the most powerful order-taking software ever created. Our number-one aim is to provide restaurateurs with a turnkey solution to rapidly boost the productivity and profitability of their establishments.

Restaurant & fast-food kiosk for outdoor use?

An order terminal is used indoors to take orders in the restaurant. However, since the Covid-19 crisis, takeaway sales have made a comeback. Many restaurateurs have decided to install touch-sensitive kiosks in front of their signs. This is not a good practice, as it involves technological equipment. And like all technical equipment, heat and sunlight can damage the kiosk.

At Tabesto, we only install your restaurant kiosks indoors, so you can take full advantage of their functionality. You can still sell takeaways by placing your equipment at the entrance to your establishment. There are a multitude of ways to showcase it. Mounted or recessed directly on the wall, or on table-tops often located at the entrance to your restaurant.

Streamline your orders and boost your sales

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