Streamline order-taking and boost sales with the new FOX kiosk

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Tabesto supports restaurants across Europe

Offer a smooth, unique ordering experience

FOX is the first order kiosk capable of managing order-taking and payment on a single all-in-one screen.
Service is smoother during rush periods, allowing you to serve more customers and focus on the operational management of your restaurant.

Payment by credit card or meal voucher directly integrated at the bottom of the screen. 
No more printers, your customers receive their tickets directly on their phone.

Save time and money

Our FOX order terminal is the perfect tool for increasing your sales.

Streamline order-taking and reduce waiting times for your customers, thanks to a simple, intuitive workflow.
Increase your average shopping basket: paid options, formula conversions, automated suggestions along the entire path.

An all-in-one integrated solution

The FOX kiosk integrates easily with your existing systems: checkout systems, loyalty systems, order aggregators and more.

Trust a specialist in ordering and payment.
Improve the operational management of your point of sale with the Menu Manager.

Customize your installations

FOX is a screen, a plug and that's it! Customize your installations now, easily and without constraint. 

Benefit from a wide choice of brackets and covers to adapt your installation to your point of sale.
Customize your experience to make it unique: enjoy a wide choice of routes, choose your colors, set up videos and photos on the screen saver, etc. 

Our customers are satisfied

With Tabesto, take the next step in digitizing your business and switch to kiosk ordering.

The terminal directly integrated into your existing systems

Tabesto integrates easily into your ecosystem and connects to your existing tools.
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Our kiosks adapt to your restaurant

Your questions

How does it work?

We make a point of supporting our customers from A to Z. We keep in regular contact with you to monitor and optimize terminal performance.

1. Meet our sales team

Our team will contact you to present the Tabesto solution. This presentation can be virtual, on our premises or in your establishment: your schedule comes first! The aim is to understand your needs, so that together we can draw up a quote that's just right for you. Once the quote has been validated, our operations team takes over.

2. Coordination with our operations team

Our experts then step in to deploy the solution in your establishment: from configuring your card and your experience, to installing the hardware, we take care of everything!

3. Personalize your card

Once we've identified your needs and objectives, we'll customize your menu and kiosk interface, including videos on the screen saver, multilingual activation, a customizable flat menu, and more. Take advantage of dozens of features to customize your experience!

At the same time, integrate our system with your cash register, loyalty system, aggregator, etc. so that orders are sent directly to the kitchen and cash register.

4. Equipment installation

You can choose between on-site installation by one of our technicians, or stand-alone installation with our remote assistance. With just a few turns of the screw, the terminals are up and running!

5. Complete training

Your account manager introduces you to the kiosks and how to manage your menu, photos and products. You take control of your kiosk, allowing you to manage it independently.

6. Customer service at your service

Need help? Our Customer Care team is available 7 days a week, from 9:30 am to 11 pm. We're here to answer all your questions and support you whenever you need us.

7. Access to Tabesto news

Benefit from the advantages of Tabesto software and frequent updates of our solution. Our developers work every day to improve our solution, and bring you new features to better meet your needs!

Streamline your orders and boost your sales

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